We are able to deliver plant material for wholesale and retail customers with purchases of $300 or more. Our “Around Town” delivery is within 15 miles and costs $45.00. After that, we charge $2.50 extra per loaded mile. For example, if the delivery is 20 miles away, the total for the delivery fee would be $57.50.

If you have any questions or want to find out our delivery schedule please email


We guarantee any plant that we install for 12 months from the installation date provided that the plant(s) are watered correctly throughout that period. Plants that die from causes other than improper watering or reasons out of our control (deer damage, vole damage, car accidents, etc.) will be replaced at no cost. As a courtesy to our customers, plants that we install and then die due to improper watering during the 12 month guarantee period will be replaced for the cost of the plant only.


We guarantee that our plants are true to name, disease and insect free, and that all stock is well rooted and healthy when it leaves our nursery. If a plant is bought at retail price and that plant dies within 6 months, the customer will be able to buy a new plant at half of the dead plant's original retail price. The new plant does not have to be the same type as the one bought previously, but it cannot exceed the original retail price. This offer is only good one time per plant.


If you are worried about the health of a plant you purchased from our nursery, always call and or email your concerns and pictures to as soon as possible. Often, we can come up with a solution to save plants before they die.

All customers must have the original receipt when they come to replace any and all plants that did not survive. Plants that are not covered on our plant policy are plants that died from acts of nature, were eaten by an animal, blown over in a storm, or impacted by other events that are out of our control, like a plant being run over by a car. Also, Plants that are planted in planters or left in the original container are not covered.


The Gardener Nursery cannot accept any returns. Due to the known pathogens in our area and the ability for them to be spread, we must strictly adhere to this policy. Because we are growers, we must take the necessary measures to ensure the continued good health of our plants. Please make sure to always measure and count twice when you are counting the amount of plants that you need!


We guarantee that our plants are true to name, disease and insect free, and that all stock is well rooted and healthy when it leaves the nursery.


Customers who buy plants at the wholesale rate are expected to handle plants correctly and under no circumstances are there any replacements.



Gardener Nursery transplants will be properly dug (according to industry standards), secured and replanted onsite. No guarantee is offered on the performance of transplanted material.